The use of Rideshare apps, notably Uber, has exploded dramatically over the last couple of years. Even amidst a global pandemic, 93 million people still used Uber in 2020, earning the company $11.1 billion.

Using Uber basically involves paying drivers for rides at a more affordable rate than taxi rides because Uber drivers usually own their vehicles. Sometimes, however, the drivers of these convenient rideshare companies cause accidents that inconvenience, or worse, seriously injure their passengers or other motorists on the road.

Were you injured in an Uber accident in Texas? Our Plano, TX, Uber accident attorney at The Law Office of Joel M. Vecchio, P.C., is committed to ensuring that Uber drivers are held accountable when their negligent acts cause injuries to their passengers, other drivers, and other road users.

Figure Out Your Recovery Options After an Uber Accident

After obtaining proper medical treatment for your injuries and finding out everything you can about the circumstances that led to the Uber Accident, you need to figure out how you can recover compensation for your Uber crash-related losses. If you’ve yet to consult with a Plano, TX, Uber accident attorney, here is a quick rundown of your recovery options.

If an Uber driver caused the crash and not another motorist, you could recover compensation from the Uber driver’s personal auto insurance and/or Uber’s third-party liability coverage, which they provide drivers. This liability coverage will only apply if the Uber driver is picking up or carrying a passenger. On the other hand, the driver’s personal auto insurance coverage will apply if the driver gets into an accident while they’re offline or not logged on to the Uber app.

Uber drivers are likewise required to have uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance under their personal auto insurance coverage. This policy rider covers injuries and related losses to passengers who suffered injuries in an Uber accident when the other driver doesn’t have adequate insurance for covering the damages or doesn’t have any insurance at all.

Why Having an Experienced Plano Uber Accident is Very Important

Rideshare accident claims, such as from Uber accidents, are complex and could involve multiple insurance providers and multiple liable parties. Although insurance providers are willing to negotiate settlements with injured victims, they will usually offer a quick but low compensation amount to get victims to settle their claims before they figure out the full extent of their medical expenses and associated losses. Yes, even if the coverage limits of Uber’s third-party liability insurance are up to $1 million.

So before you even talk to anyone from the insurance provider, discuss your Uber accident case with a lawyer with experience handling Uber accident claims. Your lawyer will investigate the facts of your case and make sure that you recoup the full value of your claim.

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