Accidents with trucks can be more severe and costly than accidents between two passenger motor vehicles, as trucks are exponentially larger and heavier than cars. If you’ve had an accident with a truck, contact a Plano truck accident attorney now for an assessment of your rights. Below are only some examples of why truck crashes happen and who might be liable for an injured victim’s losses.

The Size and Weight of the Truck Limits Its Maneuverability

Large trucks and buses are responsible for a great many fatal motor vehicle accidents each year. In one recent year, 5,096 large trucks and buses were involved in fatal crashes, while there were 121,000 accidents involving large trucks and buses that caused injuries.

The significant amount of accidents that cause injury and death as a result of large trucks and buses is due in part to the size, height, and weight of buses and trucks. When a passenger vehicle has a collision with a large truck, the majority of injuries and fatalities occur to the occupants of the passenger vehicle.

Truck Driver Errors

Studies indicate that driver error is a leading cause of truck crashes. Truck drivers have special licenses and training to operate these large and difficult to maneuver vehicles, and they have a big responsibility every time they are behind the wheel. When drivers violate traffic laws or federal trucking regulations and make errors, they regularly cause crashes.

Fatigued and Distracted Driving

Fatigued and distracted driving are two highly common errors that truck drivers make. When a driver is tired, it can be difficult to pay attention to even simple tasks. Truck drivers are obligated to maintain alertness and to proactively drive safely, both to maintain the condition of the loads they are transporting and to ensure safety on the road.

Truck drivers are required to take sufficient time to rest between work, so that they are not fatigued, which can slow reaction time, decision-making ability, and lead to accidents. When a driver is poorly rested, they are also less capable of making informed decisions on the road, and more likely to be distracted.

Distractions can come in many forms for truck drivers, in addition to losing focus due to fatigue. Driver might:

  • Use smartphones to text
  • Try to watch movies
  • Have distracting passengers
  • Eat or drink

Multitasking can cause a distracted truck driver to cause serious crashes and injuries.

Learning what truck drivers were doing to cause a crash requires informed questioning and investigation, which a Plano truck accident attorney can help you with to ensure that the liable parties in your case are held accountable for your injuries.

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