Common Causes of Car Accidents in Texas

The crash statistics report from TxDOT states that there were more than 15,800 people who sustained serious injuries from car crashes in a recent year. Establishing the cause of car accidents is a crucial step in figuring out who should be held liable for injuries and losses. With help from our experienced Plano car accident attorney, you can hold a negligent party liable for the car accident that resulted in your injuries.

Distracted Driving

Trying to do other things while driving is comparable to being drunk and then driving because both can result in reduced concentration and reaction time. The most common distraction for drivers is cellphone use while driving, but drivers can likewise get distracted when drinking or eating, handling the radio or GPS, arguing with passengers, and other activities while driving.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving basically involves driving behaviors that demonstrate a wanton or willful disregard or indifference for other people’s safety or property. It can also entail the driver’s physical state (drunk, drugged, or aggressive, etc.) and the safety precautions they fail to take when driving.

Road Rage

This involves angry or aggressive behaviors that drivers exhibit. Aggressive or raging drivers often engage in hurling verbal or rude insults, dangerous driving methods, or physical threats focused on other motorists or pedestrians to release frustration or intimidate others.


Speeding is actually deemed an aggressive driving behavior that could lead to devastating high-speed collisions, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Various factors, including heavy traffic, the sense of anonymity, running late, and a disregard for the road rules and other people, have contributed to an increase in speeding violations.

Drunk Driving

Anyone, regardless of driving experience, who drinks alcohol and then drives, will suffer from reduced alertness and reaction time as well as compromised vision and thinking. Yes, people make stupid mistakes, but some of those seemingly harmless mistakes could lead to other people suffering catastrophic and life-changing injuries or death.

Vehicle Defects

Cars that have defective parts or some kind of defect can malfunction and cause a car accident. In this case, you can hold the car manufacturer and/or other entities that are part of the distribution chain liable for your damages.

Road Defects

Inadequate or poor road maintenance can cause all sorts of car accidents. If you’ve been injured due to a road defect or hazard, you may be able to claim compensation from the maintenance or construction company and/or the road owner, which is usually a government entity.

Road Construction

Road constructions are vital to ensuring the safety of roadways. However, construction sites could become just as hazardous as bad or poorly maintained roads. Whether you’ve been injured due to human errors in construction or maintenance, confusing warning signage, or poor road design, you may pursue compensation for your losses from the liable party.

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