Inexperienced and young drivers typically cause motor vehicle accidents in Texas. Between 2010 and 2019, 2,381 people were killed in Texas due to crashes involving teen drivers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), new drivers, which are usually teens, don’t have the necessary experience and judgment that older, more experienced drivers have.

They are likewise more likely to overestimate their driving skills, raising the risk of driver errors, like multitasking while driving or texting while driving. This overconfident attitude and their inexperience is an immensely risky combination that can result in traffic violations, catastrophic injuries, devastating crashes, and even deaths.

But when it comes to determining fault in a motor vehicle involving a permit driver, essentially, the driver who caused the crash will be at-fault for the accident, regardless of whether the driver was driving with a learner’s permit or not. In case the permit driver is determined to be at fault for the crash, the injured party can pursue compensation for their losses from the auto insurance policy of the driver or the insurance of the driver’s parent if the driver is a teen.

Proving Fault for a Motor Vehicle Accident is Not Always Easy

In motor vehicle crashes, liability normally follows fault since it determines which party must pay for the injured party’s losses or damages and how much must be paid. This is why proving fault is critical for all parties involved in a crash, including the insurance providers of the at-fault driver and the lawyers seeking fair compensation for their injured clients.

When drivers were negligent, disregarded other road users’ safety, or violated a traffic law and caused a car crash, the fault for the crash can be easily established. In reality, however, proving fault is not that easy, and driving laws usually complicate things further. This is why working with a skilled Plano auto accident attorney is important to proving fault after any kind of auto accident.

In addition, figuring out the degree of fault of all the parties involved in the crash can significantly impact the amount of compensation the injured party can receive. This is why auto insurance providers will try to manage and reduce their insured policyholder’s degree of fault whenever they can. The issue of fault and liability can be further complicated if the accident involves permit drivers, uninsured or underinsured drivers, multiple drivers, and hit-and-run drivers, among others.

Also, while insurance companies must usually pay injured victims following a crash involving their policyholders, liability is not always restricted to drivers. For instance, city governments can be found liable for hazardous road design and conditions or malfunctioning traffic control devices if these contributed to or caused the crash.

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