If I Ride at Night, Am I Required to Have Lights on My Bike? What if I Get Hit and I Do Not Have Lights?

Texas has bicycle laws in place that are designed to help protect cyclists – who are especially vulnerable to the impact of traffic accidents. When you’re on your bike, you don’t have the protective shell that a car affords, and even a relatively minor accident can leave you seriously injured. If this is the challenging situation you find yourself in, it’s time to consult with an experienced Plano TX bike accident attorney.

Legal Requirements

To ride your bike at night in Texas, it must be equipped with each of the following:

Lights provide considerable protection when you ride at night – when life-threatening bike accidents are most likely.

If You’re Hit by a Negligent Driver

Everyone on the road is responsible for sharing it safely with everyone else, and motorists bear a significant duty of care not only to other drivers but also to cyclists and pedestrians – who are most vulnerable to being seriously injured in traffic accidents. Driver negligence can take all the following dangerous forms, and it is often at the heart of dangerous bike accidents:

If You Ride without the Required Lights

If you’re injured by a driver’s negligence when you’re riding at night without the necessary lights or reflectors, it doesn’t mean that you can’t proceed with a bike accident claim against the at-fault driver. While you are required by law to have – at a minimum – a front light and a back reflector when you ride at night, failure to do so is only one element of your claim.

Texas employs what is called comparative negligence, which means you can seek the percentage of your losses that the driver is determined to be responsible for – as long as they bear at least 50 percent of fault in the matter.

You Need an Experienced Plano TX Bike Accident Attorney in Your Corner

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