A Motorist Opened Their Door into Me as I Was Riding My Bike. Do I Have a Claim Against Them?

If a motorist throws their car door open into your lane as you cycle down the road, it can leave you seriously injured – and you likely never saw it coming. The truth is that these accidents are so common there’s a name for them – dooring accidents. Drivers can be dangerously negligent even when they’re off the road, and if you’ve suffered an injury in a dooring accident, you shouldn’t wait to consult with an experienced Plano TX bike accident attorney.

Dooring Accidents

Cyclists are encouraged to ride to the lanes’ farthest right, and if there’s a biking lane, they’re required to ride on it, which puts them in the right-most lane. When you’re on your bike, you’re required to pay attention to the traffic all around you and to safely proceed with all necessary care. One thing you can’t account for is what someone who is parked on the side of the road is likely to do. Your eyes have to be trained on the road – not into parked vehicles – which leaves you vulnerable to dooring accidents. When motorists throw their doors open wide into the road, they’re responsible for ensuring that it’s safe to do so and failing this; they can be held accountable for any losses that cyclists suffer as a result.

In fact, Texas has a specific dooring law that prohibits drivers from opening doors on the side of traffic unless it can be done reasonably safely and unless it doesn’t interfere with the flow of traffic. Motorists are also responsible for not leaving any doors open into traffic for any longer than is reasonably necessary for loading or unloading passengers. Failure to follow these legal requirements can leave the driver responsible for any legal damages caused, and cyclists are the most vulnerable to serious injuries.

Your Losses

Distraction is a common culprit when it comes to dooring accidents. A driver who fails to look before opening their door wide puts cyclists in their midst at very serious risk. And if you suffered an injury as a result, the losses you incur in each of the following categories can be immense:

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