What Should I Do If I am Pregnant and in a Car Accident?

Motor vehicle accidents are the top cause of fetal fatalities due to trauma to the mother’s body. The results for survivors are likewise concerning because traumatic brain injury (TBI) in early life could cause neurologic impairments later.

Emergency care of injured pregnant women following a car crash is also more problematic due to the following factors:

If you get in a car accident while you’re pregnant, you must take the necessary steps to ensure you and your unborn child’s safety.

Remain Calm, Call 911 and Call The Police

Panicking leads to confusion, anxiety, and delaying what you should do right after a car crash. Even if the crash is minor or there’s only damage to your vehicle, you must let the authorities know about the accident so you can have a record of it when filing an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party.

Let the police and the emergency personnel know that you’re pregnant. They will follow different treatment protocols and administer pregnancy-safe medications to ensure you and your baby’s health.

See Your Doctor ASAP, Even If You Feel Fine

Some people may feel perfectly fine after a car crash and refuse medical attention, only to experience delayed or worsened symptoms later. Even if your accident was a minor fender bender, go to your doctor as soon as you can and explain what happened during the crash. Remember, your unborn child could still sustain an injury, even if you’re not injured or only have some light bruising and cuts.

Talk to a Plano Car Accident Attorney ASAP

If the accident occurred because of someone else’s negligent actions, you and your unborn child deserve fair compensation to help care for you and your child’s needs. Likewise, since the extent and nature of your unborn child’s trauma may not manifest until later or after birth, it may be especially difficult to prove that your baby’s medical issues resulted from the car crash.

What may appear to be a standard insurance claim could become much more complex if your unborn baby is injured. An experienced attorney will know what to do to hold the negligent party liable for your losses and your compensation.

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Experiencing a car crash is never easy, but it becomes more traumatic and terrifying if you were in a crash while pregnant. To find out more about your case and options for compensation, contact The Law Office of Joel Vecchio, P.C. today. Arrange your free case evaluation with our Plano, TX, car accident attorney by contacting us online or calling 972-380-4444.