Where Can I Find My Police Report in TX?

When you are involved in a Texas motor vehicle accident, the responding officer will fill out an accident report, which is Form CR-3 or the Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report. This report will serve as crucial evidence for your case if you file a claim or lawsuit for damages against the party that caused the crash.

When insurance companies and lawyers investigate the crash to determine fault and liability for it, they can use the information in the police report. Therefore, you should know what’s stated in the report and how it can ultimately impact your case. But first, you must get a copy of the police report. Here’s how.

Collin County Open Records Request

To request information via the Collin County’s Open Records Request service, you must download the request form, fill in all the necessary details, and send it through email, standard mail, or deliver it in person. You may need to pay some fees before the report can be released.

You can mail the accomplished request form or submit it in person at the Sheriff’s Office lobby at 4300 Community Avenue. McKinney, TX 75495, between 8 AM and 5 PM, from Monday to Friday.

Your request for an accident report must include the following:

These details are vital to help ensure the efficient and prompt processing of your request.

Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Crash Report Online Purchase System

Alternatively, you can obtain a copy of your police report through the TxDOT Crash Report Online Purchase System (CRIS). The TxDOT maintains a database of crash reports from law enforcement agencies for accidents that occurred on the state’s highways and public roadways. A crash report costs $6 for a standard copy and $8 for a certified true copy. A certified crash report is usually requested when the person requesting it needs it for a lawsuit or any legal proceeding.

If your report is available via CRIS, you will receive it immediately after completing all the necessary steps. If you can’t use the CRIS service, you can opt to buy a copy of your police report by completing a request form and sending it with the payment to the address on the form.

Take note that TxDOT is only required to retain crash reports for 10 years from the accident date, so you may need to contact them directly if you’re looking for a report beyond this retention period.

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