Can a Passenger Be Responsible For Causing an Accident in Texas?

Rarely, but yes. A lot of people mistakenly think that only drivers can be responsible for a car crash because they’re the ones behind the wheel. However, passengers can be held liable for accidents in certain situations because drivers are not the only ones who owe other road users a legal duty of care. Passengers must also act responsibly to ensure other people’s safety on the road. This means passengers can be held responsible for the harm they cause through their negligent actions.

How a Passenger Can Be Considered Negligent

Here are some common examples of passenger negligence or recklessness:

Yes, just engaging in a heated conversation with the driver can be considered negligence, depending on the situation. Put simply, a passenger that’s distracting a driver, preventing them from focusing on the task of driving safely can be considered negligent and can be held liable for a car accident.

How Negligent Passengers Can Still Recover Compensation

Even if the passenger’s negligent actions contributed to or caused the crash, this doesn’t automatically mean that they are 100% at fault. Sometimes, they may only be liable for a small percentage of the crash. Under Texas law, they may potentially seek compensation if they suffer injuries in a car crash.

The reason for this is that the state follows the proportionate responsibility or comparative negligence rules. Following an accident in Texas, fault will be divided and assigned to negligent parties, which means that any party that contributed to the accident would assume some of the blame and liability for it. The bigger your part in contributing to or causing the accident, the higher your percentage of fault and liability.

If the fault assigned to you isn’t more than 50%, you may still recover compensation for your damages. Similarly, if the fault assigned to the negligent passenger isn’t more than 50%, they can also receive compensation.

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