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Hit and run accidents usually involve negligent drivers hitting another driver, pedestrian, or other road users, resulting in serious injuries or even death, and then running away from the accident site. Besides causing injury and related losses to innocent victims, hit and run drivers also leave victims without taking responsibility for their negligent actions.

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Hit and Run Laws in Texas

According to the Texas Transportation Code, drivers who are involved in an accident that resulted in vehicle damage, personal injury, and/or death are required to provide their name, contact information, auto insurance details, and vehicle registration number.

They must also help the injured victims by driving them to the hospital or seeking emergency help. However, many negligent drivers still flee the accident scene. Drivers who failed to stop at the scene and give injured victims aid could face harsh criminal penalties.

Recovering Compensation After a Hit and Run Accident in Texas

Unfortunately, law enforcement officers do not always find the driver responsible for a hit and run accident. When this happens, there might still be a way for injured victims to recover financial compensation for their injuries and accident-related damages. If you have uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance coverage, you are entitled to receive compensation from that insurance policy.

The problem is that, as in the vast majority of insurance claims, insurance providers will try their best to pay the lowest settlement possible to claimants, even if they know the real value of the claim. Injured victims of Collin County hit and run accidents will require expert legal assistance from an experienced Collin County hit and run accident attorney that can secure the maximum compensation allowed under the law from their insurance providers.

With our skilled hit and run attorney working with you, you increase your chances of finding the fleeing driver and/or getting fair compensation. Our Plano hit and run accident attorney will:

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