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The experience of going through an accident is stressful, and when you’ve had a head-on collision, the level of stress can be even higher given the truly terrifying nature of seeing a motor vehicle coming straight at you and not stopping. Head-on collisions regularly leave victims with severe injuries.

If you have been through a motor vehicle accident and were struck head-on, you may be entitled to significant damages. It is important to know how common head-on accidents are, what causes them, and how a Plano head-on collision lawyer can help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

Head-on Collisions are Common and Costly

Motor vehicle collisions happen regularly in the U.S., with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reporting 33,244 fatal police-reported motor vehicle traffic crashes and 1,916,000 involving injuries in a single recent year. Of these fatalities, 5,000 stemmed from head-on collisions, which is almost 30 percent of all vehicle collision deaths. This makes head-on crashes the second-most deadly type of crash, with angle collisions being the most deadly.

Not only can head-on collisions cost victims significant funds in medical expenses and other losses, but they might cost a victim their life. If someone else was to blame for the crash, they should be liable for all the costs that victims or their families experienced.

Causes of Head-on Crashes

A head-on collision can happen for many reasons, including:

When a vehicle malfunctions and the driver is unable to maintain control, the vehicle’s manufacturer might be liable for the accident and injuries. If adverse road conditions caused you to experience a head-on collision, the construction company or entity responsible for road maintenance might be liable.

However, most head-on collisions happen due to driver error, and one of the leading causes of head-on collisions is distracted driving. Distracted driving is against the law in Texas and most states, and this conduct is increasingly being targeted by law enforcement because it is such a leading cause of serious accidents on the road today. When a distracted driver is not paying attention, they can easily cross over a double-yellow line into the path of oncoming traffic, causing a head-on crash.

Other driver errors that can cause a car to be in the path of oncoming traffic include:

Sometimes, one driver will run another driver off the road to the left or change lanes improperly, causing the other driver to swerve left. While the affected driver might avoid an initial collision, they might end up causing a head-on crash.

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