Plano TX Side Swipe Accident Attorneys

Sideswipe accidents occur when one vehicle hits another vehicle’s side portion. Even if sideswipe collisions are generally not as forceful as head-on crashes, significant forces are still involved, which can lead to severe to life-changing injuries or deaths. If you have sustained injuries and other losses in a sideswipe accident, you have the right to seek compensation for all the damages you’ve incurred, including your medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost income, among others.

Let The Law Office of Joel Vecchio, P.C. fight for your legal rights. Our Plano side swipe accident attorneys have the skills, experience, and resources to successfully recover maximum compensation for people injured in various types of vehicle crashes, including sideswipe accidents.

How Sideswipe Accidents Occur

Driver negligence or error is the leading cause of sideswipe accidents. The following are common examples of driver error or negligence that can lead to a sideswipe collision:

Common Injuries Caused by Sideswipe Accidents

In sideswipe crashes, the impact is directed at the vehicle’s side, where there’s less protection for the passengers or drivers. Likewise, the impact of the crash may cause the vehicle to crash into another object, such as other vehicles, a tree, guardrail, fence, wall, or pole, resulting in a second accident and an increased risk of injuries.

These kinds of collisions can result in various injuries, from minor bruises and cuts to incapacitating injuries or even death. The severity of the injuries can range based on various factors, including the speed of the crashing vehicle and its size, which means that a sideswipe crash can result in severe injuries, even if the crash seems minor. These injuries normally include:

Learn What Our Experienced Plano TX Side Swipe Accident Attorneys Can Do For You

After a frightening sideswipe collision, you’ll have many thoughts racing in your head and things you need to do. You must get proper medical attention, figure out how you’ll cover your living expenses if you can’t work, and recover safely. You can count on the Plano side swipe accident attorneys of The Law Office of Joel Vecchio, P.C. to handle your case while you focus on healing.

Remember that you have the right to get fairly compensated for your injuries. But insurance providers will try to pay you the lowest possible settlement amount because they know they can get away with it. But our attorneys can stand up to the highly trained claims adjusters and ruthless lawyers of insurance companies to secure the maximum compensation you deserve.

We’ll also guide you on what you should and shouldn’t do while your case is pending to avoid inadvertently hurting your case. If the liable party refuses to play fair, our Plano side swipe attorneys are prepared to take your case to court. To set up a free evaluation of your case, please call 972-380-4444 or contact us online.