Fatal Wreck in Plano

At around 3:38 pm on January 30, police officers in Plano responded to an accident at the intersection of Legacy Drive and Custer Road. According to eyewitness statements and the Plano Police Traffic Unit’s investigation, the crash was allegedly caused by a Volkswagen Jetta GLI that was traveling southbound on Custer Road at an excessive rate of speed.

Around the same time, a Ford Fusion that was traveling northbound on Custer was trying to turn left onto Legacy with a flashing yellow light. The Volkswagen’s driver reportedly crashed into the Ford’s passenger side, which caused the Ford to crash into a Nissan Rogue at the intersection. The occupants of the Volkswagen and Ford were rushed to the local hospital for treatment, but a passenger of the Ford died.

Speeding Causes Serious Injuries and Deaths

Speeding has contributed to approximately 33% of motor vehicle deaths in the U.S. for more than two decades. When a driver does not follow the posted speed limits or drives at a speed that’s too fast for the conditions, including inclement weather or congested traffic, they put the lives of all road users in jeopardy. Speeding makes motor vehicle crashes more dangerous since excessive speeds:

Speeding isn’t just a traffic violation – it is negligent driving behavior. And when negligent drivers put other people’s lives at risk, injured victims have the legal right to hold the at-fault party liable for their actions.

Common Injuries Sustained in Texas Speeding Accidents

People who have been injured in speeding accidents normally suffer the following injuries:

Recovering fair compensation for these injuries will require undeniable evidence that the driver was negligent. Our skilled Plano, TX, car accident attorney knows what it takes to secure the compensation amount that will cover all your damages.

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